Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Fantasy Sports, also known as Daily Fantasy Sports (or DFS) is where you enter contests by drafting a fantasy lineup that could potentially win you lots of money. You fill out a lineup by choosing players of various values from a pool of all teams active in a given contest and with a fantasy budget/salary cap constraint. The website you use will track the points your players score. If a player scores a touchdown or hits a homerun in real life (depending on sport your contest is in), they earn you points on your fantasy team. Add up your points and if your team finishes high up or in first place you win. The larger the amount of fantasy teams in the contest, the more money you can make. DFS contests can range from as few as 2 contestants up to hundreds of thousands. Prizes can range from a quarter to more than $1 million. Fantasy sports is fun not only because you can make money, but it also gives you a rooting interest in real life games that you might ordinary have little interest in.


Where You Can Place Sports Bets in the U.S.

There are currently 17 states that allow sports betting in-person at casinos and/or retail venues, and 13 states that allow online sports betting. And most of the rest of the states are expected to join the party soon. This comes courtesy of the New Jersey’s Supreme Court verdict in 2018 that said any state can now legalize sports betting that…

Master the MLB Parlay

While it’s true that Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most unpredictable of any sport in a given ballgame, you can win a lot by laying MLB parlay bets.

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